Some Search Tips:: Try searching on a astrological sign coupled with an ingredient. Example: "Aries Pork". Ther results will yield all pork recipes recommended for that sign related to a pork ingredient.
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Welcome To The "Astrology CookBook" search engine. We have prepared a cross-section of various Nutritional Recipes in our database for you to search. Each Recipe has a "recommended" table entry advising which recipes match best, with which astrology sign. We have used the various traits of each sign to arrive at this designation, an example would be "Aries" that unrelenting, aggressive true aries whom requires a high fibre,low-fat diet to maintain the ideal balance between body & soul.


Each recipe in our database comes with its own nutrition chart which has been reviewed by astrolger "Deborah Browning" of Canada. Please don't look at this as just for those in tune with their astrology profile, all these recipes are chosen for their respective high quality nutruitional values.


To preform a search, type in a food group or ingredient ,each result will also include the recommended sign reference. Or alternatively type in your sign + an ingredient, and see the reults.


Our Database now stands at over 1,500 recipes and we add every week. It is time consuming but we hope you all enjoy it, we are open to suggestions as always!


We hope to become not only your source for matters of astrology but for food resources as well, visit our Professional astrology services site for a personalized report.