Aquarius Weekly Horoscope
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This week's scenario is highlighted by your strength to fight selfish urges when the cause is right. You seem to be doing such a good job at running your own life that your friends are liable to ask you for advice. You can't really afford the time to help someone else, right now. Put a little effort into guiding them in the right direction, then allow them take the lead. Remember, words can only say so much, experience is still the best teacher. It's possible for there to be more than one right solution to the problem. Remember, human beings are very adaptable, both physically and mentally, to new situations. Try to widen your scope by immersing yourself in the language or music of another culture. Reach out to others in your time of need. Your friends will be there for you to lean on them. Your creative fire blazes brightly, as a result. Lucky Numbers: 22, 27, 30, 32, 35, 42

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