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March 21 - Aril 19

This week's scenario is highlighted by challenges, teamwork & your ability to improve your professional status. Teammates may come up with some inspiring ideas, your enthusiasm is fueled by their support. Your humanitarian tendencies are likely to show up.  People need your help, and you're there for them. The weak, the lost, the confused &  the down and out bring your best qualities to the surface. Your organizational abilities show up strongly in this kind of situation. A bright friend or colleague may have a fresh idea that's interesting, but challenging.  Consider it carefully before acting on it. If you're not up to it, don't. But if you feel confident, put your new procedures into effect. Once the juice is flowing, you can come up with a way to apply it efficiently. LUCKY NUMBERS: 7,26,37,38,44,48


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February 19th - February 25th  2018