Taurus Weekly Horoscope
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April 20 - May 20

This week's scenario is highlighted by a positive environment which allows you room to grow.  Use your time as productively as possible.  Individual achievements are possible within a working team structure. A game of one upmanship might ultimately benefit everyone. Don't let stubbornness or misunderstandings doom you to loneliness. Respect a difference of opinion and work around it. It's time to get serious, do so with a smile on your face.  No one said that learning has to be a painful experience. Others connect with you when they grasp the full impact of what you're telling them. Look at your wish list again and see if anything has become possible since last time. A small change in attitude could result in a big difference in your life. Lucky Numbers: 26, 33, 34, 43, 44, 48

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August 13th  - August 19th,  2018