If you want to date the most beautiful boy around, go find a Libra. This is a guy who is appearance-conscious to the max! Think chiseled good looks and the sexy scent of cologne - yeow!

Once you find the Libra boy, he'll probably be delighted that you found him, since being in a relationship is important to him. This boy always hangs around with the "in" crowd, so expect that all the right people will be seeing you both. The Libra boy is the original smooth talker, too. He knows how to say all the right things and will compromise to accommodate his girl. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, probably not, but at times this boy can come across as a bit wimpy in the relationship, as well as lacking any real emotional or physical fire. Hey, remember, he's too busy looking good and being pleasant!

That said, this boy is VERY good at spending money and will take you to meals at the best restaurants. Where schooling is concerned, he'll want to get into the schools which will make him look as good as he should - think Ivy League here, for sure. And he'll certainly make the grade since Libras are possessed of great intellect. The Ivy League will be right up this boy's alley, a schmoozer's paradise which will prepare him for future ascendancy into the old boy network of his dreams. And you can bet that he'll want a beautiful girl by his side to complete the picture.

Bottom line: if you can live with champagne kisses and caviar dreams at the expense of some real substance, find that Libra boy - and fast!

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