Is a sensitive guy what you seek? Well then, a Pisces boy will be "IT". Soft-hearted and caring to the core, this is a guy who will never intentionally hurt you and will avoid confrontation at all costs. That said, he's likely to spend a lot of time in his own world, a world of dreams and fantasies which will feed his soul.

Still interested? If so, remember this: the Pisces boy may well forget to meet you for your date! Yes, absent-minded is an apt description. When you finally do connect with him, though, he's likely to want to get to know you very well, almost to the point of wanting to "fix" you. Hey, he can't help it!

The Pisces boy would love to live in a sweet and perfect little world. This means that brash, loud, and overbearing girls had better look somewhere else. A good outlet for his mental gymnastics would be yoga or meditation, which may lead him to a guru in India for some serious practice. Rest assured, this boy's education will be different.

Bottom line: while he may appear disheveled and a bit out to lunch, the Pisces boy is all there in the most caring way!

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