One thing you're sure to know about a Scorpio boy is that you really won't get to know him at all. Hey, these folks are mysterious! Oh well, that can be half the fun.

Possessed of an almost mystical quality, Scorpio boys are alluring as a result of their kinda-naughty, almost-dangerous personalities. Although Scorpions often get a bad rap, there is a lot of interesting stuff beneath the surface. The Scorpio boy is a penetrating, probing sort, someone who is far from shallow. They'll want to get to know you to the core, and this relationship is likely to change you forever. And it will be plenty hot, as Scorpio is the Sign of Sex! Shy girls had better look elsewhere lest they get stung by the Scorpion's tail. As well, the Scorpio boy is the one who will call the shots in the relationship, letting his girl know who's in charge.

Sports are a little bit of everything for this guy, so one day it's likely to be baseball and another day it's hoops. It's the nature of a water sign to be a bit changeable after all. This helps to explain the Scorpion's mood swings, and why he may appear agreeable at first but wind up being quite the opposite.

Bottom line: fearless girls may choose to tread in the Scorpion's lair, but you'd better watch out! This is a dangerously appealing guy.

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