Are you ready, girls? The Taurus boy epitomizes the three B's - big, brawny, and bull-headed. If you're still listening, step right up!

This boy may be on the stubborn side and does things his own way, but his own way can be pretty nice. Think hearts and flowers, candies and chocolates - the Taurus boy can definitely treat his girl right.

That said, this fellow isn't exactly looking for a career woman - unless, of course, she makes less money than him. Can you say macho? Well, even that has its good points! The Taurus boy's persistence is as evident with girls (he'll keep asking you out, even if you keep saying no) as it is with schoolwork. The way he looks at it, those good grades get you into a good school and that much closer to all the goodies that money can buy, like a shiny new car or an expensive boat.

Along these lines, the Taurus boy knows the value of networking and will always hang with the right crowd. He also knows how to plod ahead better than most, but thankfully, he's nicely subtle about it. Looks like the football team has found its best blocker right here!

Bottom line: the Taurus boy is neat, clean, and perfect to take home to Mom, but he's still a man's man at the same time. Quite the winning combination!

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