Primping and posing in front of a mirror? Yep, that's a Taurus girl! Hey, it is you, after all, who's up on the latest fashions, so you may as well look good in them. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of attraction and beauty, so this all makes "stellar" sense. You're label-conscious when it comes to clothes and also have a fondness for chokers, as your sign rules the neck and throat.

When it comes to dating, you're traditional and love to be wined and dined. The boy who picks you up in a nice car and takes you out for an expensive dinner will score a perfect 10! Needless to say, your stash of cash (and a Taurus always has one) will be spent at the mall.

The Bull girl can be a bit stubborn at times and certainly holds a fixed opinion, but the flip side of this is that you have a goal and are pretty determined to achieve it. As a result, you'll be a good student and will go places. Where, exactly? Well, probably to the offices of a PR agency or a fashion mag (Vogue, are you listening??).

If a sporting date is made, the Bull girl will almost certainly suggest golf or tennis, the better to keep that makeup in place. Hmmm, and there are some awfully cute tennis dresses, too.

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